robotspacer’s adventure corner

Color pixel-art portrait of Mike Piontek

About Me

My name is Mike, but you can also call me robotspacer. My pronouns are he/him. I’m a software designer and developer. I run a small software company where I spend most of my time making apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and the web. In my free time, I like to share my love of adventure games on Twitch–mostly older ones from the 80s and 90s, but occasionally some more recent ones. To me, taking notes and drawing maps are important parts of adventure games, so I try to share my love of them as much as possible.

When I was ten, my dad brought home a Macintosh. It was a magical little box, with a 9-inch screen full of crisp, monochrome pixels. I drew a kangaroo in MacPaint, and printed it out on our dot matrix ImageWriter. I’ve been fascinated with computers ever since. My first adventure game was the text-based Zork, and my first Sierra games were Space Quest II and King’s Quest III. (I played them in black and white on our Mac, of course.) Over the years I’ve often experimented with making games of my own, using tools like World Builder, HyperCard, or Macromedia Director.

Game Notes

Many of the games I play here can be purchased from GOG inexpensively, and played in ScummVM or DOSBox. (I often use DOSBox-X, which adds a lot of nice features.) When I play classic Mac games, I usually use Mini vMac or occasionally Basilisk II.

Design Notes

My site, stream layouts, emotes, portrait, sub badges, and other pixel art were designed by me. (With the exception of a few emotes that are taken from games.) My older stream layouts use book textures from My alerts are based on death screens and dialogue boxes in Sierra games. The font in my alerts is FindersKeepers by Giles Booth which is based on 9pt Geneva by Susan Kare.

Thanks for stopping by. See you around!