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Current Schedule

Maupiti Island

Continues Tuesday, February 27 at 7 PM EST
  • Please note the earlier start time for the next stream. The exact time is tentative—I’m going to try to start 2 or 3 hours early for a longer stream so I can make some real progress.

Maupiti Island is a point-and-click detective mystery game, and a sequel to Mortville Manor. It was originally released for Amiga in 1990, then for DOS and Atari ST in 1991. I’ll be playing the DOS version for DOSember. Much like Murder Club, Maupiti Island is known for being among the most difficult adventure games ever made. It features beautiful VGA graphics, and uses a unique text-to-speech system to voice character dialogue.


Starts Friday, March 1 at 9 PM EST

MARCHintosh is a celebration of Macintosh retrocomputing, and I’ll be participating by sharing classic Mac games on Twitch. I’m still working out my schedule—I’ll post more details when I have them. I hope you can join me!