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  • Playing “Windows-only” GOG games on Mac or Linux

    Posted January 16, 2024

    Many older games from GOG say they require Windows, but if they're "powered by ScummVM" or "powered by DOSBox", they should run fine on Mac or Linux. Here's a brief guide that explains how.

  • Maupiti Island Patch

    Posted December 8, 2023

    Many downloads of Maupiti Island for DOS have a bug where the game freezes when you try to read an item. Here's how to fix it.

  • Twitch Chat Pronouns

    Posted November 12, 2023

    Twitch Chat Pronouns by Alejo Pereyra allows people on to share their pronouns with others. Here’s how to use it in your browser or in OBS.

  • Colossal Cave Reimagined with Silver_Streak

    Posted January 19, 2023

    Starting Friday, January 20, Silver_Streak will be joining me to explore the new Colossal Cave Reimagined by Roberta and Ken Williams.

  • One Year Twitch Affiliate Anniversary Celebration

    Posted January 1, 2023

    On Friday, January 6 I’ll begin a long stream celebrating my first year as a Twitch affiliate. I‘ll continue until I run out of Gamer Juice or games.