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Transfer Point Coloring Contest

Posted June 22, 2024

I’ve been painting a cover for my game Transfer Point on stream, and anhinton suggested we do a coloring contest. So we are doing a coloring contest.

Here are the rules

  • Download the art below and color it however you feel is appropriate. You can go outside the lines, inside the lines, on top of the lines. You can color it digitally, print it out and color it by hand, you can print it on a transparency and put it over different color bottle caps. I’m not here to police your creativity.1
  • Submit your entries on our Discord server or message me on Discord (I’m robotspacer). You’re also welcome to send them any other way you’re able to get in touch with me—Mastodon, Twitter, etc.
  • The contest deadline is the end of July. If it’s still July somewhere it’s not too late!
  • Entries will be shared live on stream and chosen by popular vote (Twitch poll).2
  • Winner will receive one (1) photoshopped JPEG of a trophy and/or other prize equal or greater in value, as determined solely by me, Mike Piontek.
  • I will also send the winner a copy of one (1) of the following games (winner’s choice): Perfect Tides by Meredith Gran (Itch, GOG, or Steam), Twilight Oracle or Blood Nova by Cosmic Void (Itch or Steam), The Zen of Kayaking by pixel turkey and gamedevjeff (Itch), Cibele or We Met In May by Nina Freeman (Itch or Steam).3
  • This contest is for the sole purpose of having a nice time.
  1. Please don’t use generative machine learning tools commonly referred to as “AI” though thank you! If you are an artificial general intelligence like Silver-Streak, that’s fine.
  2. If there’s a tie, we’ll roll a die or maybe both people can be winners.
  3. These developers are not associated with the contest in any way, I just think you should play their games. I will buy the game myself and gift it to the winner as a reward for having a nice time.

Download the artwork