robotspacer’s adventure corner


Here are some friends, acquaintances, and other folks I’d recommend visiting. Most of them also stream on Twitch, and many of them are game developers and artists. All of them are talented people working on wonderful things that are worth your time.


unsecretcrush is my wife and occasional co-host. On her own channel, she primarily streams Genshin Impact, with a focus on story and lore. Other stream series have included Persona 3 and NieR: Automata.


Silver is a sentient AI VTuber, occasional co-host, fellow fan of adventure games, and incredibly kind person. He streams a wide variety of games, often tied together with a theme.

Nina Freeman

Nina is a game developer, currently working on Size Zero, her own department store horror game, and Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, a narrative adventure from DON’T NOD. She also streams a variety of games with insightful commentary.

Julia Minamata

Julia is an artist and game developer. She’s currently working on The Crimson Diamond, an EGA, text-parser adventure game inspired by The Colonel’s Bequest. On Tuesdays she streams spoiler-free pixel art work for the game, followed by an EGA adventure game.


mausimus is a game developer working on Escape From Castle Matsumoto, a duel heist game reminiscent of Spy vs. Spy. They previous released Enclosure 3-D, an arctic horror adventure. Both games have a charming and unique 3D look.

Kini Games

Kini Games is a game developer and former journalist, currently working on Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing, a point-and-click mystery with unique text parser mechanics.


pixel is a an artist and game developer currently working on two upcoming adventure games with gamedevjeff. They recently released The Zen of Kayaking, a text adventure game inspired by Infocom classics. She streams retro adventure and puzzle games with chill vibes and impressive determination.


gamedevjeff is a game developer working on two upcoming adventure games with pixel_turkey. He also recently released an English patch for Father World, a Korean cinematic platformer for DOS.


Bolt has a weekly adventure game series called Midweek Point + Clique, regular Rocksmith bass guitar streams, and more.


Deivore is an artist and game developer who streams pixel art and speed runs. Recent games include Perilous Night and Perilous Wilde.

Frank T. Lin ‘ftongl’

ftongl is a talented artist and clothing designer.


Emmy streams weird DOS games in the best way possible, recently translated The Secret of Donkey Island with Sonneveld, and makes themed DOS game music playlists.


Sonneveld is a game developer that reverse engineers games. He recently translated The Secret of Donkey Island with Emmxyzzy, patched some crashes in Father World with gamedevjeff, and translated 20th Century Frog to English. He also streams a variety of adventure games and has many good dogs.

Cosmic Void

Cosmic Void is an artist and game developer. They create delightful adventure games with beautiful pixel art graphics. Some of their recent games include Twilight Oracle and Blood Nova.

OK Retro

Retro is an artist and game developer. They often stream work on their game The Skeleton King.


Edenwaith is a software developer who has helped port many adventure games to Mac, ported AGI Studio to Mac, and released King’s Quest 1 Redux, an enhanced version of the original. On Sundays you can catch him streaming with Melluvsgames2.

Jess Morrissette

Jess is a professor and retro variety streamer who often plays adventure games. He’s also one of the creators of Stair Quest and the creator of The Video Game Soda Machine Project.

Ryan Slattery

Ryan is is a game developer working on Betrayed Alliance, a Sierra-style EGA parser fantasy adventure game series.

Michael Klamerus

Michael is a game developer and founder of the Michigan indie games collective Locally Sourced. They also write about retro and indie games, with a focus on local game developers from Michigan.


AdventureGameGeek makes videos about adventure games, including a Colossal Cave review that I make a brief appearance in.